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Video: Noel Gallagher interview on RaiSport - Euro 2012

Noel Gallagher è stato intervistato da RaiSport per la puntata odierna di Dribbling Europei, in onda su RaiSport 1. Ha parlato di Manchester City, di nazionale inglese, della sua esperienza a Euro 2012 e di Mario Balotelli. Il video è alla fine del post.


"It was incredible to think that ... from the last game against Arsenal ... it's been an incredible year for me. City is inside me, it's my second skin. I could never imagine to live a day like that when we won the Premier League title. Funnily enough, I've been a City supporter for 40 years at the stadium, but on that day I was in Chile. I was in a bar at 5 am watching that incredible spectacle. An epic day. It's great to be champions, to feel champions" .


"I liked England, but the team wasn't convincing, I think Rooney's comeback will enhance the team's potential up to 10-20%. I loved the way they reacted, they managed to come back from 1-2, it's that kind of situation where a team can implode. I think England have its best players, I don't think anyone could regret some players weren't called up for Euro 2012, injuried ones aside obviously. I don't know nor I care if England go through, to me being here during this championship is a party itself, I've seen three World Cups and this is my third European Cup. My national team didn't give me the thrill, but being here, entering into the fan zones is a much greater experience".


"I always schedule my tour according to football events, I missed lots of Manchester City games last year. I made sure that some of my dates would be here, Kiev, Gdansk and I'm already planning a nice tour in Brazil in 2014. You all know I know Balotelli very well, I even got to interview him and we had a lot of fun. He is a very funny guy and he's one of us, he's a City player. I watched his games here in Poland, I saw that incredible chance against Spain, I think he was already celebrating before his shot on goal. While he was trying to put his little personal disaster aside, he was replaced, but there will be a magic Balotelli moment in this tournament, that's for sure, whether it'll be on the pitch or not".

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Noel Gallagher intervista @ RAISPORT Euro 2012... di frjdoasis

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