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Video: Noel Gallagher ai microfoni Rai alla vigilia di Inghilterra-Italia dei Mondiali brasiliani

Noel Gallagher è stato intervistato da Rai Sport. A Notti Mondiali (prima della partita) su Rai Uno sarà trasmessa l'intervista integrale all'ex Oasis. Verso le 17.20 nel corso di Dribbling Mondiali su Rai Due è andata in onda un'anteprima dell'intervista a Noel, che abbiamo registrato. Ecco il video.


Già due anni fa Noel aveva parlato con la Rai prima di Inghilterra-Italia, quarto di finale degli Europei 2012 conclusosi con la vittoria degli azzurri dopo i calci di rigore. VIDEO QUI

"Games between England and Italy are always very close games. I think it'll be a boring game, it won't be spectacular and there won't be a lot of goals. Both teams will try not to lose. Italy has always got ... I know Pirlo is a great player and obviously Balotelli ... and Buffon is a great player". 

"Italy has always ... when you got to the World Cup you've always got three or four really good players which make the difference. England is the exact opposite. There's always a lot of hype around England and it always blows away. Teams like Germany, Brazil, Italy, Spain and Italy have always a winning mentality. When you put eleven German players or eleven Italian football players on a football pitch something happens with their mentality and they seem to become something else. English players play for themselves and I think we won't win any game".
"Balotelli is great, a lovely guy. The image that was written about him in England was wrong. Ok, he doesn't smiles a lot, one can think he's not happy, but if you get to know him you realise he's a top lad, he's a free spirit. Can I swear on TV? He doesn't give a fuck about anything! And I love that, he was an myth in Manchester. He's like a punk rocker, he plays gangsta football".

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